Park Life - Kent Science Park
Park Life - Kent Science Park
Park Life - Kent Science Park
Kent Science Park collaboration

A community of innovators and collaborators


Kent Science Park was inspired by the design of the university campuses of Oxford and Cambridge. It provides a unique environment and ample space for your team to work and relax, and for your business to grow.

We work hard to make your life easier and to make the park an enjoyable place to work. We host regular technical and social events that bring together scientific and business leaders. We aim to connect start-ups, established businesses and industry leaders to support the UK’s innovation community. Our site teams also provide guidance and support throughout a young company’s growth journey, to help minimise risks and maximise the chances of success.

We have an exciting and growing community of businesses of all types and sizes located in Kent Science Park, in particular with clusters specialising in:



life science product and diagnostics

food science

medical device and industrial biotechnology



The HUB is the social and collaborative heart of Kent Science Park. It looks out onto the Japanese garden and provides our occupiers with premier meeting and collaboration facilities. The restaurant offers a variety of meals with locally sourced ingredients and can be booked for catering or private events.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

Our Japanese garden is located in the centre of Kent Science Park, just outside the HUB. In the summertime, you will find all sorts of activities happening here, ranging from organised social and charity events to impromptu collaboration meetings.

Kent Science Park Swimming Pool

The swimming pool

Have you ever worked in an office that came with a swimming pool? All of our occupiers get exclusive use of the pool which is open from 07:00-22:00 Monday to Friday.

Kent Science Park child care

The nursery

We know how hard it can be to balance work and childcare. This is why we have partnered with a local nursery to provide childcare services on Kent Science Park – located in a picturesque Grade-II listed farmhouse.

Collaboration and local groups

Collaboration and local groups

We use the latest collaboration technologies to enable you to link up with like-minded neighbours through our online occupier hub and app. Kent Science Park has a number of social groups, ranging from the weekly cycle club to the yoga club.

Kent Science Park Students

University links

Through our strong links with academia and regional universities, we organise regular events to promote an exchange of ideas, opportunities to collaborate, and a chance to engage with a vibrant talent pool of local graduates.

Kent Science Park Partnerships

Our partners

We are not just landlords, we view ourselves as custodians of science parks and our main aim is to foster collaboration. With that in mind, we have developed a number of strategic partnerships to provide benefits to our occupiers.

Kent Science Park Sustainability


We strive to maintain the highest standards of sustainability and are ISO 14001 certified. New initiatives include electric vehicle charging points and on-site energy generation.

There’s a friendly culture between companies, and it’s great to be able to attend hosted coffee mornings where we can catch up with local businesses and find out what’s new.

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