Case study: Mortgage Advice Bureau Kent

Case study: Mortgage Advice Bureau Kent - Kent Science Park

Having been based at Kent Science Park since July 2019, Mortgage Advice Bureau Kent is a one-stop shop for all aspects of property-related lending. The growing team of 20 pride themselves on providing their customers with advice and a professional level of service.

The company outgrew the previous office space they were in, which is what drew them to Kent Science Park almost two years ago. Darren Cronin, Managing Director and MAB Regional Partner, comments: “Due to the rate at which we were growing as a business, we knew we had to find new office space, which was when someone suggested Kent Science Park, and we were really pleasantly surprised. It can be a daunting step moving to a new business location, but the team at the park have been really supportive.

“Kent Science Park is centrally located, has a lovely atmosphere, and the security onsite means we know our staff are in a safe environment. The outdoor space is great for employee wellbeing, and along with the meeting rooms gives us space to meet clients, which we’ll definitely make use of as restrictions ease.

“There is a fantastic community of businesses based here and a good set-up so there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate. Everyone is from a range of different sectors, but there are also lots of similarities so we can learn from one another. Our IT support is based at the park and we try to keep things local wherever possible.”

The property market has seen a big shift over the past year and Darren explains how: “People have spent a lot of time in their homes during the pandemic and they have started to reassess their options. There has been lots of movement in the market generally away from London and towards Kent. It offers more open space and better value, as well as local job opportunities.

“There has also been lots of rapid change to lending criteria, so mortgage advice is more important than ever. We have access to over 90 banks to understand who will be lending and what they’ll be lending, so can provide our clients with the up-to-date advice they need.

1 April 2021 marked Mortgage Advice Bureau Kent’s 10 year anniversary and they hope to celebrate with staff as soon as it is possible. Darren concludes: “Our team has worked immensely hard throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and we want to recognise this with a celebration later in the year. The market is going in a great direction and we’ve recruited new members of staff, so we look forward to growing as a company further over the coming months.”

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