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14.02.2019 BLOG

Bringing a personal touch to IT support

In a relatively short space of time, IT support has moved on from upgrading RAM and replacing hard disks to cyber security and cloud computing. Managing Director of the Kent Science Park-based company Computer Rescue Jason Lydford said of the changing landscape of IT support: Our company has evolved over the years, and the physical repairing of PCs is now a tiny part of what we do. For the most part, our day-to-day specialisation is in IT and cyber security, coupled with IT training, cloud computing, compliance solutions regarding GDPR and other industry-specific requirements. Cloud computing has been around for a while, but some clients still seem a little unsure of it. It’s a very similar situation to when credit cards and online shopping first emerged; people are naturally cautious and resistant to begin with, but eventually they wonder how on earth they ever got on without it.”

 “The rise of cyber crime, e-commerce and the internet – with such advances as the Internet of Things for example – is only going to continue to drive the demand for improved security across all industries. As a managed service and security provider, it’s imperative that we keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of IT and the challenges it brings to our clients. This includes routine management, remote system and data monitoring solutions, and also the increased dependence on cyber security solutions to minimise the effects of cyber crime.”

 “While the market might have changed, the key to success for the support industry is still very strongly based on the same three main factors: technical ability to deliver the solution; speed of response; and continually remaining ahead of the curve. Customers want us to address an issue as soon as we can and fix a problem at the first time of asking. In addition, small and medium-sized businesses appreciate our personable approach, and building relationships with the business owners has been key to customer retention. We’re proud to say that most of our clients have been with us for the long term and we very rarely lose a customer.”

 Kent has historically been our target market, but there’s potential to broaden our area of operation, while making sure that we can still provide the fast response times for which we’re known. Of course, the reality is that we can connect remotely to any computer in the world and begin to resolve a problem in less time than it takes for us to leave the science park to visit a client. However, the majority of our clients – and especially the small companies – still like to know that we’re only 10 minutes up the road.

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